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Ride hailing app

Launch your ride-hailing business in your comfort zone, explore multiple opportunities and garner a huge profit. Every ride-hailing business is relished with end-to-end real-time tracking, booking, Fare management, Geo-Fencing and more

Last mile delivery app

Last mile delivery algorithms are designed to provide an optimal route to ensure a seamless last-mile delivery. Next day’s deliveries, done right now! Facing delivery woes? Helping and remodeling delivery business to narrow down the deliveries on-time

Fleet management app

Get started with fleet management applications, optimize routing and reduce trip delays. Track idle time, running time & total cost per mile all at one-go. Our algorithms helps you in increasing ride by saving fuel and maintenance cost

Supply chain management app

Elevate your supply chain to the next level with the MoveX suite. Evolve supply chain planning and processes to reduce operational silos by enabling intelligent, end-to-end supply chain visibility of MoveX

Gear-up your intelligent transportation systems and mobilize your business