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Your business, your platform

Automate your shuttle operations with a white-label shuttle tracking and dispatch platform.

Boost efficiency, improve service

Make the most out of your assets,
all without compromising your
service standards.

Shuttle transits, simplified

MoveX helps you plan smarter, dispatch faster and achieve higher, all from a single platform.

Solutions built for diverse businesses

Discover the powerful technology that is designed for every shuttle operator.

Bus charter

Your centralized hub for managing everything from dispatch, quotes to reservations.

Corporate shuttle

An easy-to-use shuttle dispatch platform to organize daily commute for your employees.

School shuttle

The foundation for planning and dispatching safe transportation for students.

Everything you need to win at shuttle dispatch

All the advanced features you need for a comprehensive shuttle management system.

Auto dispatch

Address multiple bookings simultaneously with a powerful dispatch system that assigns trips to the best-suited vehicle and driver.

Shuttle routes

Plan your routes and shuttle timetable for everything - from regular commute, ad-hoc trips to cross-city transits - with ease.

Fare management

Configure your fare strategy - from distance-based pricing or fixed fares - and attract better revenue opportunities.

Capacity management

Ensure each vehicle is utilized to its maximum by managing passenger bookings based on the seating capacity.

Analytical reports

Evaluate daily trips, vehicle performance and driver activities to make data-driven decisions for better outcomes.

Third-party integration

Simplify your shuttle operations by integrating your CRM into the platform to handle customer information and bookings.

Trip requests

Let your drivers access their daily trip details - right from pickup/drop location, routes to passenger info - all from one place.

Boarding management

Make the exhausting task of managing no-shows and onboard passengers seem like an easy routine with boarding management.


Allow your drivers to reach their pickup and drop locations easily with the in-app navigation feature for timely service.

Hours-of-service management

Offer drivers the convenience of going online or offline with the activity toggle and measure daily hours-of-service accurately.

Earnings report

Give your drivers a comprehensive dashboard to keep track of their daily earnings or monthly wages, all from a single platform.

In-app support

Be readily available for any emergencies by letting your drivers ask for help through the instant in-app support.

Easy booking

Offer your passengers a seamless experience of viewing shuttle timings, fare and pickup/drop details for easy booking.

Real-time vehicle tracking

Show your customers the complete picture with real-time vehicle tracking where they can check the vehicle status.

SOS & trip sharing

Let your riders enjoy safe transportation and provide in-app features such as trip sharing and SOS for any emergencies.

Call masking

Protect rider contact number, but at the same time, provide an instant communication channel using the call masking feature.

Multiple payment options

Include everything from credit/debit card payment to wallet system with our multiple payment integration options.

Reviews and ratings

Access customer feedback and driver ratings to measure your service standards and make improvements to your approach.

Trusted by 120+ customers

From industry giants to revolutionary companies, our technology powers all businesses.

Industry insights

Discover what’s making headlines in the transportation landscape and see what we think.

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