Vehicle Inspection & Work Orders

On-road Safety

Leverage advanced vehicle technology to improve driver safety,
prevent accidents and control costs.

Inspection Checklist to Analyze Fleet Productivity

Improve fleet safety using intelligence

Prevent accidents with LIDAR

Implement light detection and ranging (LIDAR) technology to map the physical surroundings and receive blind spots, lane changes and headway warnings.

Predict vehicle fault beforehand

Schedule predictive maintenance based on engine condition and identify critical vehicle failure for ensuring long-term vehicle safety and improved lifecycle.

AI-based insights to lower costs

Analyze vehicle condition reports and driver performance to identify patterns for reducing traffic penalties, accident costs and maintenance expenditure.

Build a safer environment for drivers

Control driver distractions

Use in-cab digital video recording (DVR) system to detect driver distractions and unwanted phone usage for reducing accident-causing scenarios.

Monitor risky driver behavior

Observe speeding, harsh acceleration and other aggressive patterns using OBD2 devices to coach your drivers based on their individual behavior mapping.

Protect drivers from false claims

Leverage dual vehicle camera system to record accidents to protect your drivers against false allegations and claim insurance amount with ease.

Track Vehicle Issues & Manage Work Orders

Move forward with better fleet safety

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Extensive features for added benefits

Avoid Fuel Theft & Reduce Fuel Expenses

Fuel Analytics

Control your fuel expenditure and avoid fuel theft by monitoring fuel usage, driver behavior and other metrics.

Track Asset & Consignment Safety

Asset Safety

Secure your valuable assets and consignments with our advanced tracking system and build trust among your customers.

Reduce Operational Cost & Increase Revenue

Cost Management

Increase your revenue by monitoring operational expenses, fuel costs and other business-associated expenditure.

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