Fleet Scheduling & Dispatching

Fleet Dispatch & Scheduling

Establish the highest standards of customer service with expedited
scheduling and delivery process

Manage Fleet Operations Using Advanced Dispatching Solutions

The modern way of dispatch

Dispatching assignments for large fleet operations is an uphill challenge. Our dispatching solution digitalizes and expedites your fleet operations with advanced features. With our innovative fleet dispatch software, dispatchers will have no trouble in scheduling jobs, monitoring real-time movements and ensuring the execution of on-time quality services.

  • Manage fleet & drivers in one place
  • Address abandoned jobs instantly
  • Execute multiple jobs efficiently
  • Benefit from paperless dispatching

Improved adaptability with real-time data

When it comes to a fast-changing business environment, the key to improved results is adaptability and being informed at all times. Our dispatching innovation becomes the eyes and ears of your fleet activities and improves your monitoring activities for overcoming unforeseen hurdles and making better decisions.

  • Implement last-minute changes easily
  • Stay updated with real-time alerts
  • Keep tabs on in-progress activity
  • Send assistance to handle emergencies
Get Real-Time Alerts on Fleet Activities

Broaden your opportunities with a powerful dispatch platform

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Extensive features for added benefits

Maximize Fleet Productivity & Monitor Driver Behavior

Smart Driver & Smart Fleet

Extract maximum fleet productivity and monitor driver behavior by analyzing individual performance, usage and more.

Avoid Fuel Theft & Reduce Fuel Expenses

Fuel Analytics

Control your fuel expenditure and avoid fuel theft by monitoring fuel usage, driver behavior and other metrics.

Track Asset & Consignment Safety

Asset Safety

Secure your valuable assets and consignments with our advanced tracking system and build trust among your customers.

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