fleet tracking solution

Go beyond simplistic tracking

With MoveX and its advanced GPS vehicle tracking system, your business has all it needs to ensure on-time deliveries, always.

  • Track real-time fleet movement
  • Identify active, idling and available fleet
  • Record fleet in-time and out-time
  • Focus better with group monitoring
Real-time data & alerts

Stay up-to-date with current operations

The key to smooth operations is knowing what your fleet and drivers are doing right now. Access real-time data and make accurate actions.

  • View trip progress and ETAs
  • Get notified about harsh driving
  • Receive alerts on route deviation
  • Keep track of fuel consumption
Improve fleet utilization

Track insights for better utilization

With intelligent analytics powered by our GPS fleet tracking software, your business can improve vehicle utilization with ease.

  • Access fleet historical reports
  • Review vehicle utilization data
  • Avoid unauthorized fleet usage
  • Ensure fleet and asset safety

Experience fleet management like never before

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Extensive features for added benefits