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Faster. Efficient. Powerful - Monitor your fleet activities and manage your drivers with our simplistic mobile-based vehicle tracking system.

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We take away the complexities in your fleet operations to increase productivity and profitability.

Fleet tracking system

Fleet Tracking

Stay informed about everything that’s happening within your operations and manage unforeseen scenarios to perform daily activities smoothly.

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Fleet dispatch software

Auto Dispatch

Execute multi-location deliveries to experience operational efficiency at the highest level and ensure on-time deliveries, at all times.

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Rout optimization software

Smart Route Optimization

MoveX does more than just connect multiple destinations - your business can now cover maximum opportunities within minimum distance, at the same time.

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Driver behavior monitoring

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Maintain a safe environment for your workforce by identifying risky driving patterns and driver activities with our technology-driven platform.

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Fuel management system

Fuel Analytics

Implement our intelligent solution to minimize fuel costs, prevent fuel theft, and choose fuel-efficient vehicles by unearthing hidden opportunities.

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cost management & smart insights

Intelligent Insights

Know all the numbers that can create cost management opportunities in your business with our intelligent analytics and make smarter decisions.

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on-road safety management

On-road Fleet Safety

Establish better on-road fleet safety by detecting obstacle distance, lane departure and headway warning to minimize the chances of collision.

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Predictive maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

MoveX gives your business an edge by providing a platform powered by predictive analysis that helps you to identify vehicle faults beforehand.

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Fleet management at its finest

Oversee all your daily fleet activities from a single platform with our advanced GPS fleet tracking software.

Boost visibility. Reduce costs

Boost visibility. Reduce costs

With a 360° view of your operations, MoveX gives everything your business needs to monitor trip progress and achieve a better profit margin.

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Smarter planning. Improved results

Smarter planning. Improved results

Our end-to-end fleet management platform connects all your business processes to ensure smoother operations and improve your services.

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Utilize your fleet & drivers better

Utilize your fleet & drivers better

MoveX implements data analytics and artificial intelligence to monitor vehicle and driver performance for increasing productivity and efficiency.

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Behold the marvel of innovation

Setting new benchmarks with revolutionary technology that solves real-life challenges.

Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Big Data Big Data

Big Data



Artificial Intelligence

MoveX lets you stay one step ahead by adopting a one-of-a-kind intelligence to meet the demands of the dynamic logistics ecosystem.

Big Data

Knowledge is power and MoveX leverages powerful analytics to help you prevent avoidable accidents and reduce operational costs.

Internet Of Things

Take out manual inefficiencies and never miss out anything crucial with a connected platform for your fleet, assets and workforce.

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