Is Vehicle Tracking Software Technology Replacing Human Work?

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hitanshi D.Rathod

The advent of automation in the logistics and transportation industry has segregated the business community into two, with one section considering it as a blessing for defeating inefficiencies while the other treating it as a potential threat that may result in the loss of jobs.

So, is the increasing adoption of vehicle tracking software the beginning of the end of human work? Let’s find out.

Moving the Industry Forward with Digitalisation

Back in the days, logistics and transportation business owners relied upon human workforce to perform time-consuming activities, such as communicating with drivers to track current location, using manual processes for recording fuel consumption and other expenditure and counting on a lot of guesswork for cost and fleet management.

By automating such activities, a fleet tracking software removes any room for inaccuracies and lets your workforce focus on other crucial functions like strategizing and ideating on creative plans for the growth of your business.

Striking a Balance Between Workforce and Technology

When it comes to a GPS vehicle tracking software, the biggest misconception among fleet owners is that the inclusion of such technology will be the end of human workforce. This is far from the actual truth.

A fleet tracking software is a comprehensive suite of features that allows fleet managers to efficiently monitor vehicle operations and workforce activities for the purpose of improving business productivity. A logistics or transportation business can integrate such an advanced tool to support its workforce’s daily responsibilities. From drivers, dispatchers, operators to fleet owners, every individual associated with the organisation can depend upon a fleet tracking software to perform their activities in a more organised manner.

Creating More Jobs

Contrary to popular belief, automation doesn’t mean the decline in job opportunities, but in fact, results in creation of more jobs. Here’s how.

When a fleet business undergoes automation, it leads to the decrease in labour costs. This means, the business can set lower prices for their services which in turn generates increased customer demand. In such instances, the business has to expand its operation and increase productivity to meet the market demand, thereby creating more job opportunities.  

Switch to a GPS vehicle tracking software  and let your workforce enhance their individual performance, unearth profitable opportunities and implement innovative ways to scale your business to new heights.