Eliminate Fleet Security Concerns With Real-Time GPS Alerts

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hitanshi D.Rathod

One of the biggest challenges faced by traditional fleet managers is the incapability of monitoring every single movement of their fleet, at all times. This shortcoming has cost fleet businesses with multiple losses in terms of vehicle, asset and goods theft, unauthorised vehicle usage, fuel theft and unchecked fleet performance.

However, with the emergence of GPS tracking system, fleet monitoring has been enhanced to a whole new level. Constant fleet tracking and real-time GPS tracker alerts have empowered fleet managers to take better control of their business and tackle security concerns with ease.

Here’s how automated and real-time GPS tracker alerts benefits your business and prevents theft and security concerns.

Set automated alerts for vehicle use


The biggest concern for fleet managers is the unauthorised use of vehicles. While it is easier to set an alarm system for your premises, how do you ensure that the right worker is driving your vehicle for the right purposes and at the right time? GPS tracking systems alert fleet managers and operators every time the ignition is switched on/off. This way, every time your vehicle is in operation, even idling, you will be informed.

Keep route deviations in check


Most fleet managers complain about their inability to monitor if their drivers are utilising the fleet for their personal use. A GPS tracking system lets you set a predetermined route that covers only the job locations. If your driver makes any route deviations, an automated alert will be sent to you. Also, fleet managers will be alerted whenever the driver makes stops on the journey.

Monitor fleet activities within boundaries


Geofences have upped the security game for fleet businesses. Known as virtual boundaries across two or more locations or around a radius, these geofences assist fleet managers to control vehicle movement in and outside the territories as well as monitor activities within such boundaries.

This way, fleet managers will receive real-time alerts whenever a mobile workforce checks in or checks out of a work site, how much time they have spent on the work site and other rich real-time data.

Avoid fuel theft


Fuel theft is very common and hard to track. A GPS tracking system helps fleet managers to monitor fuel consumption for every vehicle and control refuelling to identify fuel thefts and reduce your fuel expenditure.

Improve fleet performance with real-time alerts


Apart from offering security, GPS tracking alerts help fleet managers in monitoring fleet performance and ensuring vehicle longevity by abiding by safe driving standards. Some of these real-time alerts include for:

  • Speeding and aggressive driving: Receive alerts every time your driver exceeds the speed limit or performs aggressive driving practices like harsh acceleration, braking and cornering. Keeping an eye on all these factors will reduce fuel wastage and decrease vehicle wear and tear.
  • Idling: A vehicle can waste at least one gallon of fuel by idling for over an hour. With real-time alerts, fleet managers can reduce idling and improve performance.
  • Maintenance schedule: To avoid unnecessary vehicle downtime and costly interruptions in your business process, receive automated alerts to follow a proper maintenance schedule.

Experience the advanced benefits of operating your business on a GPS tracking system.