Future of Fleet Management

Envisioning the future of fleet management

Driven by the urge to innovate, we are on a path to
rediscover & disrupt the industry.

Making proactive decisions with
predictive analytics

Predictive Inventory Management

Predictive inventory management

Eliminating delayed operations by analyzing historical data to identify patterns in parts usage.

Demand Prediction

Demand prediction

Broadening business potential by anticipating future demand to mobilize fleet and workforce accordingly.

Route planning

Smarter route planning

Strategizing routes based on job terrain and previous driver guidance using statistical analysis.

Vehicle Selection

Intelligent inspection

Leveraging data mining techniques to automatically create inspection based on vehicle age and job terrain.

Setting new benchmarks for on-road safety with ADAS

The emergence of collision avoidance system coupled with a connected intelligence platform will be groundbreaking in minimizing accidents by leveraging front-facing and in-vehicle sensors to map the physical surroundings and issue a critical warning or perform predefined actions based on the severity. Also, with an advanced awareness detection system that uses algorithms and sensitivity controls to detect driver drowsiness and under-influence driving, there will be an increased opportunity for establishing safer roads.

Driving the future of Autonomous Vehicles, today

Autonomous vehicle safety

Autonomous vehicle safety

Apart from the sensing equipment built within the autonomous fleet, advanced safety systems will increase road safety.

Metadata analysis for vehicle utilization

Metadata analysis of vehicle utilization

AVs can be employed to the fullest potential by constantly analyzing fleet productivity and identifying new opportunities.

Future of Autonomous Vehicles
Autonomous Dispatch

Autonomous Dispatch

Autonomous dispatch will be a game changer in assigning AVs to daily jobs with reduced response time and minimal error.

Metadata analysis for vehicle utilization

Vehicle prognostics for failure detection

To increase operational efficiency of AVs, vehicle prognostics will be vital in assessing vehicle health and predict failure.