Using technology to increase productivity with your existing fleet

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Karthipriya S

In every business, there comes a stage where owners shell out additional investment to accommodate growing demands. However, in most cases, businesses find it hard to cope with the heavy costs in the long run.

Before you make such drastic decisions that can adversely affect your business growth, it’s important to introspect on the daily operations. One of the most effective ways to handle such fluctuating demands is by analyzing your vehicle productivity to identify scope for improvement.

Fleet management solution is capable of examining every aspect of your fleet business to know which vehicles are underutilized, the ones that are running overtime and thereby consuming more of your operating costs and lots more.

Here are three key factors that can boost your productivity.

Measure vehicle utilization

Every fleet manager has a crucial responsibility of ensuring that the business’ biggest investment – its fleet – is being utilized to the maximum. MoveX simplifies this process by providing smart analytics that gives an overview of how every vehicle is being employed.

Fleet managers can set a minimum limit for multiple factors such as distance traveled and the number of trips completed on a daily basis. Based on the particular vehicle performance, the utilization percentage will be calculated. This will give you an accurate understanding of how every vehicle is being utilized in the business. This way, you can make data-driven decisions to increase your vehicle utilization up to 20%.

Plan vehicle maintenance regularly

Unexpected vehicle breakdown can derail your fleet operations and result in costly repercussions. This, in turn, leads to wasted resources and reduced productivity. One of the most effective ways of minimizing vehicle breakdown is by planning a fleet maintenance strategy.

MoveX leverages intelligent insights gathered through OBD2 devices to resolve vehicle issues and minimize severe damages. Fleet managers can plan time and odometer-based maintenance schedule to keep your vehicle in top condition. In fact, MoveX streamlines the process of pushing a vehicle issue to a work order, all from one place.

Additionally, daily inspections are a great way of minimizing unexpected breakdown on the road.

Extend vehicle life

Increased wear and tear can shorten a vehicle’s life and thereby reduce the productivity of the particular asset. MoveX lets you control all the factors that affect your vehicle longevity, such as, speeding, harsh acceleration and hard braking. Your business can not only improve your fleet lifespan, but also reduce costly repairs, minimize expenses and improve fuel efficiency.

Make the most of your existing fleet and increase your business productivity by leveraging our intelligent fleet management platform.