Top 4 ways to gear up your shuttle business during COVID-19 recovery

Shared mobility businesses across the globe have witnessed a dip in opportunities following the COVID-19 crisis and shuttle services are no exception. However, now that the pandemic is subsiding, commuters are gradually adopting the new normal and you can pull up prospects for your shuttle business with a few strategic moves.

Establish your digital presence

Offline shuttle booking methods are time-consuming and obsolete. Besides, given the COVID-19 situation, no customer is ready to meet the service provider in person to book shuttle rides. To overcome this challenge and reach a wider audience, you need to strengthen your online presence. 

Create a business website to provide your customers with easy access to your services. Also, build a customized shuttle booking and dispatch platform to automate everything from reservation management to shuttle dispatch while allowing your customers to book their shuttle rides instantly using the mobile application. This way, you can prompt your potential customers to choose you over your competitors which, in turn, boosts revenue flow into your business.

Team up with industry players

Developing industry partnerships is another way to expand your customer base and grow your business. Collaborate with other transport service providers and run promotional campaigns on their websites. As the two of you share a common customer base, there are ample chances for the visitors of these websites to be interested in availing your ride-hailing service.  Also, tie-up with restaurants and corporate companies so that they recommend their customers and employees to book rides with you.

Attract social media users

Given the pandemic, social media users spend more time on various networking platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Create business profiles in these social media portals, put up engaging posts from time to time, attract more followers and convert them into your customers.

With the social sharing feature of a digital solution, you can facilitate your existing customers to share their reviews with the other social media users. In fact, there is no better marketing strategy than the first-hand experience of an existing customer. Make sure you maintain the best service quality so that you get more positive reviews that fetch more opportunities your way.

Follow precautionary measures

When it comes to COVID-19, we are still in the recovery phase. Physical distancing is no more an option but a necessity. Encourage your drivers and customers to be at a safe distance from each other, wear face masks and use hand sanitizer to prevent the transmission of infections. This way, you support your community and earn their confidence.

With a digital solution, you can allow your customers to pay their ride fares using selected online payment gateways which is an effective initiative to curb physical contact.

Want to switch to the new normal and engage more customers with a digital solution? Contact us at MoveX today.



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