The costly risks of missing your fleet maintenance

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Karthipriya S

Do you remember the last time you had your car’s tires checked? When did you change the engine oil? – In most scenarios, the answer would be a whole lot of guessing and no concrete record of your vehicle maintenance. When it is arduous to keep track of a single car’s maintenance, imagine how difficult it could get to keep your business fleet in top condition, all the time. However, by overlooking your vehicle maintenance, you might be losing out a big chunk of your profits – and not to mention, your vehicle lifecycle.

Let’s look at some staggering numbers:

  • By not choosing to change your engine oil regularly, you could lose $3000 due to a seized engine.
  • Additionally, irregular tire pressure could drop your fuel mileage by up to 3%, draining away your fuel costs and increasing unwanted fuel consumption.
  • Automatic transmission helps in smoother gear shifts; but if these components – such as transmission fluids, filtres and screens – are not periodically checked, you could lose out $1500 on repairing your transmission assembly and reduce your vehicle life in the process.
  • In case you haven’t rotated your tires regularly, you could risk wearing them out pretty soon. This could lead to replacing your tires sooner than they are supposed to, costing you up to $250.

By not paying attention to your small yet significant repair costs, your business can end up paying 3 times more – which you take out from your profit margin.

This could have been easily prevented by scheduling regular maintenance.

Plan fleet maintenance easily

Fleet tracking system does more than just monitor your vehicles; the platform lets you ensure that your vehicles are maintained in the best condition, so that they are always on the road, and not in the workshops.

In most scenarios, vehicle maintenance is scheduled for every 3,000 to 7,500 miles or so – case in point, changing your battery every 7,000 miles. With a vehicle maintenance software, you can plan odometer-based maintenance for specific parts such as oil change, engine filter, coolant, steering fluid, brakes and air filter.

Additionally, for frequent parts check – such as tire pressure – you can schedule time-based maintenance, i.e. daily, weekly or bi-monthly.

Stay informed with maintenance reminders

Now, fleet managers can have no excuse for missing out on important maintenance schedule as the fleet management platform provides timely reminders. In fact, by setting a threshold limit, you can receive reminders in advance to plan your fleet activities accordingly.

So the next time your vehicle mileage drops or your fleet seems to be spending more time in the workshops than on the road, check your MoveX platform to plan your regular maintenance and save thousands.