Taking the eco-friendly route to fleet management

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hitanshi D.Rathod

As we grow dangerously close to a catastrophic global warming situation, building a sustainable fleet business has become the need of the hour. As heavy vehicles are one of the biggest factors for the increased level of air pollution and carbon emission released into the atmosphere, businesses are obliged to adopt greener ways of managing their fleet.

Quite a number of fleet operators wrongly assume that going green is a taxing and expensive procedure. The truth, however, is far from it. With technological advancements influencing the fleet management landscape in a massive way, it has become easier to reduce the carbon footprint. As a matter of fact, implementing an eco-friendly approach can result in cost-effectiveness.

Here are four tips your fleet business can enforce for a greener fleet management.

Schedule maintenance for greener fleet

Many businesses overlook maintenance for their fleet, fearing the disruption it could bring in their operations and its cost factor. However, poor vehicle health means higher carbon emission levels. Badly maintained vehicles also consume more fuel when compared to other vehicles. A GPS tracking system ensures your fleet never misses regular maintenance and check-up by scheduling and monitoring.

Also, GPS tracking systems are equipped with technology that makes it easier for fleet managers to diagnose the engine condition and take necessary steps to improve its health.

Smart routes for reduced mileage

Reduced driving time translates to reduced mileage, lesser fuel consumption and minimum carbon emission. A fleet tracking software empowers fleet managers to efficiently plan routes in such a way that the driver covers maximum job locations in the shortest distance. Also, by assigning the nearest vehicle to jobs, fleet managers can minimise travel time.

Keep poor driving behavior in check

A fleet tracking software is not limited to tracking and dispatching capabilities. It enhances driver monitoring to the next level where fleet managers are equipped with real-time alerts that notify them every time a driver exhibits aggressive driving behavior.

From speeding, harsh acceleration and braking, these driving patterns can severely damage the vehicle performance and reduce the engine life. With constant monitoring, your business can control such damaging practices.

Monitor idling to reduce carbon emission

Unwanted idling is detrimental to your profit margin and the environment. An hour of idling can waste up to a gallon of fuel. Imagine the kind of money you are losing out and the number of harmful gases released unnecessarily. Fleet businesses can know whenever an engine is idle for a long time and take required action to minimise idling.

Taking a conscious step towards a greener fleet management is simpler than you think. With the right fleet management solution, your business can reduce your carbon footprint and bring cost-effectiveness to your operations.