Introducing the new and improved MoveX Version 2.0

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Karthipriya S

The latest release of MoveX is here! Version 2.0 includes tons of new features, enhanced performance and improved usability. We’ve introduced new additions for all our applications – admin web application, fleet manager and driver mobile app of the ManageX and MaintainX products. Read on to know more about Version 2.0.

What’s new in ManageX

Manage your fuel consumption with Fuel Logs

To increase visibility over fuel consumption and get in-depth insights regarding fuel usage, we’ve introduced the fuel logs feature.

1. Here, the fleet managers can record fuel entries specifying the vehicle number, date of refill, odometer reading, fuel cost per unit and volume.
2. Even the fuel station and payment mode used for the refilling can be mentioned.
3. Additionally, to bring transparency for every fuel entry, fleet managers can associate the addition to a particular job.

The fuel entry can be made both in the web application and in the fleet manager mobile application. However, the complete fuel log report can be accessed only in the web application. The fleet managers can review the fuel consumption and expenses incurred based on specific vehicles and jobs.

Fuel efficiency metrics: The fuel logs bring another much-needed feature of calculating the vehicle mileage. In case the tank is filled up to its capacity at least twice, the platform measures the mileage, giving you a better understanding of how your vehicles are performing and to easily identify fuel-efficient vehicles.

What’s new in Manager Mobile App

An easy way for Fleet Inspectors to perform inspections

To help designated fleet inspectors perform daily inspections with ease, we’ve introduced the specific role in the Manager Mobile app. Here, the fleet inspectors can access the inspection checklist that is created by the fleet manages. Based on the vehicles assigned to him/her, the fleet inspector can perform the inspection and report issues instantly.

What’s new in MaintainX

Create recurring inspections instantly

We’ve revamped the Inspections module to help you create recurring inspection checklists. Apart from the one-time checklists that could be prepared earlier, fleet managers can now maintain daily, weekly or monthly checklists for its fleet.

1. Fleet managers can begin by selecting the parts that are to be reviewed in the checklist, say tire pressure, brakes, seat belt and more.

2. Based on the requirement, the fleet managers can create a one-time checklist or set a recurrence on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

3. Additionally, the fleet managers can assign the driver or fleet inspector to the particular checklist.

4. In case of a fleet inspector, the manager can choose the preferred field personnel and the vehicles that are to be inspected.

5. Based on the severity, fleet managers can trigger an email alert or create an issue immediately.

And lastly,

Manage a diverse workforce with Custom Roles

No two businesses are the same and the newest feature helps the admin to manage their workforce in their own way. The admin can create multiple roles and provide complete and restricted access to the different modules of the complete platform. This way, when the admin adds new users, he/she has the authority to maintain the confidentiality of your business operations.

Update to the latest version or talk to our product specialists to experience the new and improved MoveX.