Interactive Route Replay and more: Version 2.3 Update

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Karthipriya S

The latest Version 2.3 release of the fleet management platform provides an interactive replay of the route taken by the vehicle. This new playback feature will help organizations view the route traveled by the vehicle to verify deliveries, monitor driver behavior and ensure safety. Read below to see all the newest updates from the fleet management platform and the MoveX mobile applications.

Route replay

Fleet managers can now view an interactive replay of the route taken by the vehicle from start to the final end stop. This route replay can be viewed in the fleet management web application and the Manager mobile application.

With this feature, the fleet managers can:

  • Verify the route taken by the vehicle against the designated route chosen by the fleet manager.
  • Based on the replay, the fleet managers can track unauthorized stops and identify the reasons that caused the delay in deliveries.
  • Measure the daily vehicle productivity, i.e. by identifying the active and idle hours of the vehicle.
  • Depending on the vehicle productivity, the fleet managers can also verify driver hours-of-service.
  • At any given point on the route, the fleet manager can select a particular segment to view the vehicle speed, location and driver behavior.
  • The route provides a glimpse into all the harsh events triggered during the trip, i.e. the areas where the driver has exceeded the speed limit and applied harsh braking and acceleration. This will help in identifying the areas where driver behavior has to be improved to ensure safety and on-time deliveries.

As for the drivers, they can review the route replay on their mobile application to identify areas of improvement and ensure maximum productivity.

Device and Mobile-app based tracking

MoveX provides more than just simplistic tracking; with our adaptive fleet management platform, a business can implement hardware devices, mobile application or both for their tracking purposes. From accessing engine-specific data through OBD2 devices to choosing GPS trackers for advanced tracking, businesses can integrate devices to access accurate data.

And for simplistic, yet precise tracking, businesses can use the driver mobile application to access vehicle location, driver behavior and other vehicle-specific data.

And more updates

Apart from this, Version 2.3 update brings an advanced date filtering options in the dispatch module that makes it easier to find trip-wise information.

Update your MoveX application to access all the new features of Version 2.3 today. For more information, you can talk to our product specialists.