How to improve maintenance engineer performance for increasing business efficiency

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Karthipriya S

Poor vehicle condition is disastrous to a fleet business. From rising fuel wastage, unexpected breakdown, increasing repair costs to reduced vehicle life, the impact of poorly maintained vehicles can cost your business thousands. Such instances call for an effective fleet maintenance strategy, and the people responsible for its success is your maintenance engineers.

As a fleet manager, it is essential to equip your maintenance engineers with the right tools that help in performing better.

Here are four useful tips to improve your workforce performance for achieving maximum efficiency.

  • Plan maintenance schedule

    Disorganized activities are the root cause of rising costs and decreased efficiency. And when it comes to fleet businesses, such errors can mean vehicle downtime and bad delivery reputation. Solve such challenges by planning a strategic maintenance schedule.

    Instead of creating generalized maintenance, plan your schedule based on the current condition, specs and the goods that are being transported. Depending on the vehicle age, certain precautions are to be taken to ensure uptime. With proper maintenance planning, your maintenance engineers can effectively solve vehicle repairs and reduce unnecessary breakdown.

  • Improve work scheduling

    When it comes to an employee’s performance, the key is to provide them with sufficient opportunities. An underutilized workforce is an increased liability and so are overtime wages. Strike a proper balance in terms of individual workload by efficiently scheduling work to your team of maintenance engineers. Additionally, ensure that your workflow doesn’t reach a standstill due to unplanned employee absence.

  • Easy access to information

    Nothing reduces the engineer’s efficiency more than miscommunication and delay in receiving crucial data. When the technicians have all the vehicle repair details at hand, it is easier for them to get on with fixing the issue. Always ensure that they have simple, accurate access to vehicle issues.

  • Organize your inventory

    Expedite maintenance processes by maintaining an organized inventory. With easy access to parts, your service engineers can work quickly and efficiently. Besides, a well-kept parts stock can help you reduce delayed processes and rising costs due to deadstock.

Switching to a fleet maintenance technology

Incorporate all these useful tips with fleet maintenance software. From planning time and odometer-based maintenance schedule to receiving alerts when the maintenance is due, MoveX lets you stay on top of critical maintenance with effortless ease. Also, whenever an issue arises, you can assign maintenance engineers from a single place. See how MoveX helps to boost vehicle uptime, improve maintenance engineers’ performance and bring overall operational efficiency.