How harsh driving costs your business thousands

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hitanshi D.Rathod

Normally, more trips translates to more revenue, right? However, when it comes to the logistics and transportation industry, things aren’t black and white. There are multiple factors that can cost your business more, no matter how many trips are undertaken by the business – case in point, harsh driving.

It’s common knowledge that harsh driving can jeopardize the safety of the drivers and everyone on the road, but did you know that aggressive driving can reduce your fuel economy by 30%? In fact, this impact is just merely scratching the surface – there are far more repercussions of harsh driving.

Effects of aggressive driving on fuel

When drivers exceed the maximum speed limit and brake harshly to reach the destination faster, they risk the chances of increasing fuel consumption which results in increased wastage. So, in order to ensure on-time deliveries, your business ends up spending more than what is necessary for fuel which, in turn, affects your profit margin.

Also, while engine idling in heavy traffic is unavoidable, unnecessary idling can have a great impact on your fuel consumption. Every 10 minutes of engine idling wastes between 1/4th and 4/10th of a gallon of fuel.

With fuel expenditure covering almost 30% of your total operating costs, your business cannot afford to lose out more money.

Fleet management solution lets you keep an eye on harsh driving with real-time notification. This way, you always know who’s driving within the safety parameters and who requires guidance. Instead of enforcing it as stringent guidelines, MoveX introduces the concept of gamification to improve driving behavior in an engaging way.

The adverse impact of harsh driving on vehicle

Harsh driving can dramatically impact your vehicle condition – right from increasing your maintenance costs to reducing the lifespan of your vehicle.

For example, during rash driving, drivers tend to brake harshly. Such driving can cause severe damage to the brake parts and the tires. In the long run, harsh driving can deteriorate the condition of your vehicle parts – making the visits to the workshop more frequent and costlier.

This, in turn, will reduce your overall vehicle productivity, leading to fewer opportunities.

Risking goods safety

When drivers tend to drive aggressively, the sudden brakes and sharp turning can jeopardize the safety of goods, damaging it in the process. This impacts your goods condition and also threatens your business reputation. Businesses are liable to deliver goods on time and in a safe condition and failing to do so can be detrimental to your credibility.