How Geofencing can improve your fleet operations

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hitanshi D.Rathod

One of the most advanced features to make its mark in the modern fleet management software is Geofencing. They are virtual boundaries created to monitor the movement of fleet, workforce and assets. Fleet operators can define territories on a map either around a radius of a particular location or between several locations. Based on the selected parameters, a geofence takes the shape of a circle, polygon, triangle or at times, a line drawn between two coordinates.

Geofences help businesses exercise a better control over fleet operations by sending triggered alerts. Similar to a physical fence, these virtual parameters help in monitoring the entry and exit of vehicle, commodities and workforce. Also, geofences go one step further by tracking the movement inside the fence as well.

Many businesses fail to explore the beneficial opportunities of implementing geofences in their daily operations. This innovative technology can be a powerful tool that can increase efficiency and strengthen safety measures.

Here are some of the multiple ways Geofencing can be adopted into your fleet business:

Tracking entry and exit

Businesses can create geofences to monitor the arrival and departure of the fleet on a daily basis. This is an effective way of clocking the productive hours of every vehicle. Also, geofences can create a digital attendance log by recording the entry and exit time of your staff.

Monitoring job schedule

Checking up on your employees and vehicle to ensure that they have arrived on the job site on time is a tedious task. Through geofencing, you can create an activity log of when your workforce arrives on-site, the time spent on the field and the exact moment when the job is completed. These details can be crucial in determining the costs, especially for hourly services. With such robust monitoring, it will also become easier to control idling.

Defining unauthorised areas

There may be many territories that can be off-limits for trucks based on certain traffic regulations. You can create geofences for such coordinates to ensure compliance with the law. Also, you can set up an alert for stopping employees from entering certain areas for security purposes.

Route monitoring

Dispatchers take immense effort in planning optimised routes to ensure the vehicles reach the destination on time. Receive alerts whenever your vehicle deviates from the assigned route to instil accountability and improve productivity.

Fleet and asset security  

Keep track of unauthorised use of the fleet and protect your assets and equipment from theft by setting alerts. While it may be easy to break through a physical barrier, it can be quite impossible to get past the security set by geofences.

Fleet owners can implement the Geofencing technology in various ways for the overall improvement of their operations. Explore MoveX’s geofencing possibilities to receive the best out of your fleet management software.