Geofencing: A Beneficial GPS Tracking System

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hitanshi D.Rathod

GPS tracking is the boon for the fleet and logistics management as it provides solutions for many nightmarish fleet problems. The fleet management system gains fame among fleet managers and logistics companies as it simplifies many complex processes of fleet management. Likewise, geofencing is a trending concept in the industry. Fleet management software such as CerebroX offers applications with the geofencing option; thereby, it allows the users to create a virtual boundary on the map and get alerts whenever the fleet enters or exits the geofenced area. Geofencing will bring the following visible benefits when it comes to tracking fleet location:

Automatic alerts

If the fleet enters or leaves the geofenced area, the system will notify you, whereby you can track your vehicles and drivers. The detailed reports on driver movement, vehicle’s location, how long the fleet was outside the geofence, etc. will help you identify unnecessary vehicle use and save fuel.

Theft control

Geofencing helps you prevent fuel and cargo theft by providing greater insight into fleet operations. If you receive an alert when an asset moves out of the geofence during an unauthorized time, you can take immediate action on such illegal activity of your employees or of any other outsiders.

Asset utilization

Your drivers may keep the fleet ideally for some time, or may drive out of the geofence unnecessarily, or may take non-customized routes. These kinds of activities will affect your overall productivity, and there is also a possibility of fuel and asset theft. You can avoid such inconvenience by setting a geofence and keep track of all your fleets and driver behaviors.

Improved efficiency

By tracking every movement of your fleet inside the geofence, you can witness an enhanced efficiency in every process. Thereby, your fleet managers can insist your drivers on taking the optimized route and spending the time and fuel wisely. In case of an emergency, you can track the feasible vehicle through which you can carry forward the work in an effective way.

Greater Communication

Fleet manager-to-driver communication can be streamlined via geofencing where the drivers do not have to update the status manually. Whereas the fleet managers will be getting the automatic alerts upon delivery status. Therefore, communication would not be a concern when your fleets and drivers are under control via geofencing.

Besides all the above, you can safeguard your drivers and assets in case of an emergency as they will under your direct surveillance.