Fleet Monitoring: An effective way to increase your revenue

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Karthipriya S

Most of the businesses share the frustration of gaining meager profit in spite of putting their vehicles on the road, all the time. Unchecked productivity tracking and the absence of the right tools to analyze the fleet performance are some of the biggest challenges faced by the industry today. Fleet monitoring is the most effective way to ensure that your biggest investment – your fleet – is indeed being utilized in the most optimal way possible.

Fleet monitoring through GPS tracking

Fleet monitoring is basically the process of constantly tracking how a particular vehicle is utilized, right from reviewing its daily activities, the costs associated with the particular asset and the revenue that is derived from it. This is achieved through GPS tracking and data analytics.

First up, GPS tracking relies on in-vehicle hardware devices or satellite connection to identify the vehicle location. The data are constantly transmitted to the fleet management platform where the fleet managers can monitor the vehicle movements.

The data that is collected through the GPS unit can vary based on the device, vehicle type, and the specific requirements. The basic information that can be derived includes the vehicle location, speed, the route taken by the vehicle, engine idling, ignition on/off and lots more.

In fact, businesses can integrate specific devices such as fuel sensors, door sensors, and reefer monitoring to gather specific information.

Unlocking productivity with data analytics

It isn’t sufficient to know where your vehicles are; what matters is what you do with the information – That’s where data analytics comes in.

fleet monitoring system

Fleet monitoring provides insights into how your vehicle performance affects your operations. This includes:

  • Fleet productivity: Fleet managers can monitor the average distance traveled per day to analyze if the vehicles meet the daily productivity level that is expected from it. An efficient fleet management platform can increase fleet utilization by 20%.
  • Fuel consumption: Unnecessary engine idling, speeding and harsh driving are the major factors that lead to increased fuel expenses and fuel wastage. With fleet monitoring, managers can keep an eye on such factors and bring a significant difference in the fuel consumption to save up to 23% fuel costs.
  • Better safety: With the ability to know what your vehicles are doing at any point in time, fleet managers can ensure better safety. From tracking unauthorized vehicle usage to preventing vehicle and asset theft, fleet monitoring is a better way of establishing security measures.

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