Eight Ways Your Business Can Benefit From a Fleet Tracking Software

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hitanshi D.Rathod

Technological advancements are instrumental in eliminating business operational obstacles. When it comes to the transportation industry, fleet tracking software can revolutionise the way companies organise and coordinate vehicle and workforce activities to improve productivity, efficiency and cost control.

Here are eight ways your logistics, freight and transportation business can benefit by adopting a fleet management system.

Maximise Vehicle Utilisation

With the GPS tracking system, you can now know the exact location of your fleet. Fleet managers can identify idle and free vehicles to quickly assign the nearest available vehicle to complete the job. By tracking the activities of your large or small-sized fleet, you can ensure that every vehicle is utilised to its maximum potential.  

Plan Efficient Routes

One of the many common hurdles faced by the industry is the inefficiency in reaching the job location on time. By relying on the global positioning system, fleet managers can choose optimised routes that are shorter in distance and aren’t heavy traffic zones. By sticking to a predetermined route, fleet managers can also track if the drivers use the vehicle for personal reasons or go off-route. This not only results in lesser miles travelled but also reduces fuel consumption.

Prevent Vehicle and Asset Theft

Your fleet is the largest investment in your business operations and ensuring its safety is the basic function of an organisation. The fleet tracking software provides real-time location of your fleet. This way, you will be notified whenever a vehicle is in operation. You can also track stolen assets and keep unauthorised vehicle use in check.

Quick fact: If your vehicle is equipped with a GPS tracking system, you can avail up to 35% discount on your insurance premium!

Monitor Driver Behaviour

Fleet tracking system goes one step forward by tracking not just the vehicle but also driver behaviour. Monitor excessive speeding and aggressive driving patterns (such as harsh braking, acceleration, cornering) in real-time. Also, by analysing your driver performance, you can deploy corrective driving programs to reduce fuel wastage and provide overall safety.

Deploy Timely Assistance

At the time of any accidents, you can rely on the fleet tracking system’s accuracy to send assistance and an ambulance to the exact location immediately. Also, during vehicle breakdowns and flat tires, you can send backup vehicles to complete the jobs at once.

Maintain Vehicle Longevity

Quite often, trucks tend to wear down quickly leading to expensive maintenance costs. Advanced fleet tracking systems are equipped with OBD2 devices that provide engine diagnostics. Fleet managers can constantly monitor the overall health of the vehicle and control driving behaviour that damages the vehicle performance.

Also, you can schedule maintenance checks, oil changes and other regular preventive measures to avoid downtime.

Go Paperless

Paper trails are messy and entirely inconvenient. From drivers, dispatchers to the business operator, you can implement paperless logs and compliances to ensure smooth handling of processes.

Cut Down on Expenses  

Fleet managers find it increasingly difficult to reduce operational expenses to increase profit margin. With a reliable fleet tracking system, you can now monitor three major pain points that drain your revenue – (i) fuel expenses (ii) overhead costs (iii) resource expenditure.

Irrespective of your business size, fleet tracking system is an invaluable tool in efficiently operating your logistics and transportation business. Adopt your very own fleet management system to scale your operations and bring in more revenue.