Driver Monitoring: Real-time insights for better fleet management

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Karthipriya S

Where are my drivers? That’s the question on every fleet owner’s mind.

At times, the mere location of the driver may be sufficient while in other instances, fleet managers require drill-down information such as: Is the driver engaged with a job? If so, how long will he take to complete the job? How many hours has he been active? How many hours does he have left for the day? Will he be able to take up an additional job? Has he been following the parameters of road safety?

MoveX addresses all these challenges by providing complete visibility over all your driver-related activities, all from a single platform.

Let’s take a look.

Real-time Driver Monitoring

Access a comprehensive view of all your drivers with our advanced tracking dashboard. Here, you can instantly see which drivers are

1. active with a particular job,
2. available for the next assignment,
3. those who aren’t assigned to a vehicle, and
4. the drivers who are idle.

When it comes to the transportation industry, time and money is the deciding factor. To ensure that the drivers are utilized for achieving maximum productivity and efficiency, the fleet managers can constantly analyze the number of jobs completed by the driver and identify top-performing on the driver ranking system.

Driver Hours-of-Service

Hours of Service is one of the BASICs (Behavior Analysis Safety Improvement Categories) of the CSA (Compliance Safety Accountability) guidelines.

The acronym overload may seem exhausting, but the crux of the regulation is – the carriers are to maintain an accurate record of the hours a driver has been on-duty. The violation of the HOS rule can cost the carriers 1 point and while most fleet managers can find the number trivial, it can lead to costly repercussions in the long run. In fact, almost 10-15% of the on-road inspections were due to HOS violation.

With the electronic recording of driver hours of service on the MoveX platform, the fleet managers can know the exact number of active hours and measure individual productivity.

Monitor driver behavior

Aggressive driving has been one of the major reasons for accidents. Such negligent driving endangers the lives of the ones inside the vehicle and on the road. Businesses end up paying thousands for compensation fee and repair costs.

Fleet managers can curb such instances and maintain a strict safety protocol by setting driving parameters. This makes it easier to identify drivers who make many violations and coach such individuals.

In fact, MoveX takes this one step ahead by sending harsh events alerts to the driver as well. This allows him to self-correct and reduce such instances.

Drivers are the heartbeat of your fleet operations. Gain complete visibility over your workforce to ensure maximum productivity.