Decoding business owners’ expectations for a fleet management software

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hitanshi D.Rathod

Who would have thought that in this digital age fleet owners would continue to rely on traditional, paper-based system to oversee their fleet operations! However, this is indeed the reality. In fact, 60% of the fleet owners still prefer old-fashioned management practices over modern software.

So, what has triggered such scepticism towards technology-based fleet management solutions? It is the failure to meet the precise demands of fleet owners.

There are four key challenges that businesses face while handling their operations.

  • Heavy fuel expenditure
  • Vehicle and asset theft
  • Interrupted processes
  • Inefficient decision making

Most of the fleet management systems that are available in the market focus on GPS tracking and other advanced features. While these features are crucial, they do not wholly cater to the pain points faced by the logistics and transportation businesses.

Fleet owners are hesitant to invest in a software that offers features that they may not use. Also, the process of customising the software according to their specific requirements is a tedious process they don’t want to be a part of. Therefore, businesses take comfort in the usual, trusted practices and prefer not to be adventurous by adopting a fleet management system.

Here’s how some of the innovative fleet management softwares are changing this scenario by addressing the above mentioned critical issues faced by the market players.

Cost management

How do you increase daily operations and minimise fuel expenses at the same time? This is one jigsaw puzzle fleet managers find the trickiest to solve.

The fleet management system assists in monitoring fuel consumption. They also equip businesses with advanced tools to keep track of factors that affect fuel wastage, such as, driving behaviour, engine performance and miles travelled. With extensive fuel analytics, fleet managers can manage fuel budgets in a more efficient way.

Security and theft protection

Unauthorised fleet usage, vehicle theft and asset security have been a major issue for fleet managers. Intelligent systems can now help in notifying fleet owners every time the vehicle’s doors are unlocked and the vehicle is on the move. They also ensure protection against fuel and asset theft by connecting fleets and assets to a single platform.

Fleet operations planning

Every time a vehicle completes an assignment, it needs to remain idle for a period of time until the next job is assigned. Also, at times, vehicles wait for hours at warehouses to pick up or drop off goods. Such delays can be extremely detrimental for a business. By relying on an effective planning solution, fleet managers can avoid such expensive productivity losses.

Reports and Analytics

From ensuring fleet optimisation, reviewing daily operation activities, monitoring operational costs, tracking workforce productivity to other in-depth insights, business owners can view detailed analytical reports to make data-driven decisions.

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