Create business groups to manage your widespread fleet operations

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Hitanshi D Rathod

If you are one of the many businesses who operate from multiple geographical locations with various departments, then the business group feature is here to make things more simple. With the Version 2.4 update, MoveX brings to you an organized way of handling your fleet operations with our business group feature. Read below to learn more about the latest update.

Business Groups

A business group is a collective number of vehicles, drivers and employees (i.e. fleet manager, fleet inspector and other users) associated with a particular geographical location, branch or department of a business. With this feature, the administrator can create business groups and manage their operations effectively.

  • For each business group, the administrator can choose a group admin.
  • The group admin will be restricted to viewing and managing the operations of all the vehicles, drivers and employees that are associated with the business group.
  • Each group admin can create trips, view the progress and manage the fleet operations.

As for the administrator, you can access the advanced filter search for business groups to view specific information pertaining to reports and vehicle maintenance. With this feature, your business can:

  • Manage in an organized manner: With specific business groups, you can manage fleet operations across multiple branches without getting burdened with a large amount of data and processes.
  • Ensure better security: The business group structure ensures that confidential business information is protected. While the administrator can access information about all the business processes, your business group admins can gain insights into operations that are under his/her control only.
  • Access relevant insights: Based on the advanced filter search, you can analyze the daily productivity, monitor operational costs and evaluate driver and vehicle performance based on the specific business groups to make data-driven decisions.

Online Help

We have some great news for our customers – This release introduces our online help documentation. Here, you can view our instruction-based help doc to know everything from setting up your MoveX account to understanding how to use the application and its detailed features.

Update your MoveX application to access the newest version. In case of any queries, do talk to our product specialists today.