Cold chain fleet management: Minimizing risks and improving efficiency

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Hitanshi D Rathod

When it comes to the logistics industry, there is a lot at stake, especially if you are involved in the cold chain sector. From the transportation of refrigerated food, perishables to medicinal products, temperature-sensitive goods need to be delivered within a controlled environment to avoid any wastage and the subsequent reputation damage it can bring to your business. Add to it the harsh climatic conditions of the middle eastern region, protecting the goods can be challenging.

Fleet management technology provides your business the operational visibility it needs to protect the goods even in an unfavourable environment.

Temperature monitoring

The slightest drop or rise in the temperature can spoil the goods. The fleet management technology integrates temperature sensors that pick up degree differences instantly. Every time the temperature changes from the recommended range, you will get instantly notified.

The sensor technology gives your business flexibility in terms of setting different temperature range for a variety of your goods – right from vaccines to frozen food. This way, your business can avoid costly spoilage penalties and redelivery expenses.

Optimized routes

Using the route planning software, your business can choose routes that are reliable in safely transporting the goods. Route planning doesn’t mean choosing the shortest route; your fleet managers can analyze multiple factors such as heavy traffic and weather condition to choose the most optimal route.

When the roads are favourable, your drivers don’t have to apply brakes unnecessarily, thereby protecting your goods from any potential damage. Additionally, with speeding alerts, you can ensure that your drivers follow the approved driving standards.

Improved fleet health

Fleet management helps in improving your vehicle productivity by maintaining your fleet in the best condition. Unnecessary idling, harsh braking and excessive speeding can affect your engine condition and accelerate wear and tear. Monitor unwanted stops and keep an eye on driving behaviour to avoid sudden vehicle breakdown.

With regular maintenance, you can reduce repair costs and keep the maintenance expenses to a minimum.

With cold chain logistics being a competitive landscape, a fleet management software can give you an edge in improving your operational efficiency and reducing risk. Talk to our experts today to know how MoveX can help your business achieve better results.