MoveX Is Now Ready for Beta Signups

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hitanshi D.Rathod

NDOT has announced the launch of its all-new fleet management solution, MoveX, with a vision to empower the logistics and transportation business. By adopting the advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and IoT, it simplifies operations, improves efficiency, and enhances every aspect of the business.

MoveX is designed to enable business operators to accomplish a set of sequential tasks in the management of fleet. From vehicle acquisition to fleet maintenance, it does everything and fits all business types, starting from small-scale companies to enterprise-level organisations. As an automated solution, it helps businesses to streamline their processes, keep unwanted costs in check and improve productivity, thereby maximising returns.

In conformity with the requirements of fleet management businesses, MoveX has been equipped with tools that resolve all the major issues related to:

  • dispatching and route planning,
  • fleet tracking and routing,
  • fuel analytics,
  • driver management,
  • asset management, scheduling and utilisation
  • route optimisation,
  • vehicle movement and driver behaviour,
  • fleet maintenance and so on.

We are currently working with a few beta customers and also open for a few more. Rush to avail yours to be one among those who have explored cerebroX.

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