7 Common Misconceptions About Vehicle Tracking Software

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hitanshi D.Rathod

Anyone who has ever considered implementing a vehicle tracking software in their business operations has experienced certain inhibitions about it. Most of these apprehensions arise from misunderstanding and incomplete knowledge regarding fleet tracking and the myriad benefits it holds.

So let’s break down some of the most common misconceptions surrounding fleet tracking software and determine the actual advantages it brings to your business.

1. It’s too complicated to implement and use

Most businesses back out from implementing fleet tracking software almost immediately because they think advanced technology means complex tools that cannot be operated by everyone. Here’s where you are wrong.

The implementation of fleet tracking software is relatively simple. As for its learning curve, the user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use the software. And since the fleet tracking software is built to uncomplicate complex processes, its defining factor is better usability.

2. Such advanced technology must cost a fortune

While businesses may find the cost a bit high initially, fleet tracking, in fact, brings long-term benefits in terms of cost management.

Fleet management offers a big picture of your daily operations, thereby identifying all the areas where your business has been spending excessively. With in-depth analysis, fleet tracking helps in strategizing plans that can reduce your expenditure. This includes control over fuel consumption, maximise fleet utilisation and so much more. With the right software, your business will end up saving a lot of money and boost your chances of increasing your profit.

3. My drivers won’t agree to such scrutiny

This is one of the most common concerns business owners have experienced. While the software is built to monitor your mobile workforce, it doesn’t entirely mean an invasion of privacy. As a matter of fact, implementing a fleet tracking software will help drivers improve their performance and provide the opportunity to do smart work.

Another factor that makes drivers uncertain about technological implementation is the fear of losing their jobs. But, here’s the thing –vehicle tracking software will not replace human work, but in fact, open up more job opportunities.

4. My company cannot afford to waste time using the tracking software

Interestingly, fleet tracking software is built for businesses who are handling busy, complex operations. For a fleet-based business, time is precious. A fleet tracking software streamlines all your schedules and lets you execute operations in an organised manner, saving you time, and thousands of dollars in the process.

5. Why purchase a software when I am already connected with my drivers using smartphones?

Well, it is because there are so many ways smartphones can be inefficient. Drivers can switch off their phones, the battery can drain out, service may not be available in certain localities, and so on. With a fleet tracking software, your business can always monitor operations. Additionally, fleet tracking software brings the added advantage of reports and insights that provide a comprehensive outlook on your business activities.

6. It is probably best suited for large companies only

Whether you are responsible for 2 or 20000+ fleet-size business, fleet tracking software is the right solution for organised operations and improved productivity. By adopting such advanced technology, your business will be in a better position of planning routes, controlling fuel consumption, avoiding costly vehicle downtime and other scenarios. Besides, with efficient operations, your business has a real chance of growing to the next level.

7. My business may not even use most of the features in the software

Many businesses fear that they would need to pay for features that might not even be useful to their operations. However, the best way to make the right investment in fleet management is by choosing a solution that addresses your business goals. This way, you will be paying for only those features that are of use for your business.

So these are some of the common misconceptions surrounding fleet management and vehicle tracking software. Don’t let such misunderstandings stop your business from achieving profitable benefits from this revolutionary technology.