5 key features of delivery management software to improve customer experience

Uninterrupted customer support is a necessity when it comes to last-mile delivery. Given the pandemic, delivery businesses are geared up like never before as a greater part of the community remains indoors. Now is the time for delivery service providers to support the community while taking their businesses to the next level synchronously.

Without proper communication channels, you cannot meet customer requirements which may result in loss of opportunities and revenue. Revamp your delivery business with a digital solution for better communication and improved customer experience.

Here is a look at the best features of a delivery management solution to improve customer experience.

Push notification

Your customers prefer to stay updated about their order statuses. Send them push notifications to give them transparency into everything from order acceptance to package delivery. This helps you to earn their confidence which is crucial to boost your brand image and grow your business in the long run.

Live tracking

Allow your customers to map the real-time location of the corresponding delivery executives using the GPS-tracking feature of the digital solution. This way, you can satisfy your customers by letting them know that their orders are about to reach them. Besides, this feature gives you a competitive advantage over the other industry players who provide customers with approximate and inaccurate ETAs with zero transparency over order processing.

In-app messaging

Your delivery executives are the bridge between your customers and store agents. Quick communication between the customers and delivery agent can eliminate discrepancies in order fulfilment and open doors to enhanced customer experience. The in-app messaging feature of the last-mile delivery solution facilitates the customers and assigned delivery executives to get in touch with each other whenever necessary which, in turn, makes way for error-free and faster delivery.

Rating & review

Customer feedback is the key to improve the service quality of any business. Prompt your customers to rate and review each order based on their delivery experience. Using the feedback, you can identify the bottlenecks in your last-mile delivery business and rectify them to improve customer experience.

On the other hand, positive reviews from customers can help in boosting your brand value and bring more fresh business prospects your way.

Customized alerts

Staying in touch with your customers after order fulfilment is equally important as providing support during order processing. Send personalized messages to your potential customers via SMS, email and more to entice them to come back to you with new orders. This way, you can strengthen your relationship with your customers while generating more revenue.

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