4 Ways to improve fuel efficiency and with GPS fleet tracking

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Hitanshi D Rathod

While the last year may have seen a drop in fuel prices, the upcoming year has been considered as a fluctuating period for fuel. And one of the biggest industries that can be affected by rising fuel costs are the fleet businesses. For every business that depends upon its vehicles to carry out its daily operations, fuel is an inescapable expense which takes up to 30% of the operating costs.

In such cases, it’s crucial to keep your fuel costs to a minimum to maintain an optimal profit margin. Here is how the GPS fleet tracking solution can help you save thousands on your fuel.

1. Plan better routes

As a fleet business, it is very common to cover multiple stops to make deliveries. However, in the quest of earning a little extra by doing multiple jobs, fleet businesses tend to lose out more by wasting fuel on travelling without a proper route.

GPS fleet tracking solves all your problems of running your engine for longer intervals during heavy traffic, unexpected roadblocks and unfavourable road conditions with effective route planning.

With an intelligent route planning platform, your business can not only reduce fuel consumption but also ensure timely deliveries.

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2. Monitor aggressive driving

Did you know that aggressive driving, such as speeding, harsh braking and acceleration, can reduce your vehicle mileage by 15% to 30%? Also, as per a report by EPA, every time you speed over 50 mph, you risk wasting your fuel.

Reckless driving can have a tremendous impact on your fuel consumption and vehicle mileage, which in turn, increases fuel expenses.

GPS fleet tracking provides instant alerts every time your driver exceeds the speed limit or applies the brake harshly. With such information, you can implement driving programs that not only benefit your fuel levels but also improves safety.

3. Reduce unnecessary idling

There are innumerable situations where drivers keep the engine running – during a red light, heavy traffic, making deliveries, unloading consignments and so on. While some of these instances are unavoidable, the rest may well be costing you thousands in terms of fuel wastage.

In fact, an hour of engine idling can waste up to a gallon of your fuel and that can severely lower your revenue.

GPS fleet tracking helps in pinpointing the exact moment your vehicle is idling. This way, you can identify unnecessary idling and educate your drivers to switch off their engine. Incentivizing driver behaviour can be a great way to curb such wastage.

4. Schedule regular vehicle maintenance

From clogged air filter, underinflated tires to improper suspension alignment, there are many vehicle issues can ruin your vehicle mileage and increase fuel consumption, if ignored.

Having said that, it can be overwhelming to keep track of your vehicle maintenance schedule. GPS fleet tracking solves all the chaos in managing your fleet maintenance. Plan your maintenance based on the odometer reading and time interval to never miss out on important service dates with timely notifications.

The best way to reduce your fuel expenses is to identify all the cost-draining factors in your fleet operations. See how MoveX and its GPS fleet tracking platform gives you crucial insights into your processes to improve fuel efficiency.