4 Ways geofencing improves your fleet efficiency

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Karthipriya S

‘Has the vehicle entered the work site?’ ‘When did my workers start the job?’ – These are some of the constant questions that pop in the mind of every fleet manager. Where fleet managers earlier depended upon telephonic conversations to receive updates, geofencing has solved all the visibility barriers.

In layman’s terms, geofencing refers to creating virtual boundaries around a particular location or coordinates to monitor the entry and exit of vehicles and assets. A geozone can take any shape or form, say a circle, polygon, triangle and so on. What makes geofencing more effective is this:

1. ability to monitor the movements within a particular virtual zone,
2. measure the time a vehicle or asset spends within the boundary, and
3. instant notification on every entry and exit.

Such innovation gives you an upper hand of improving your fleet efficiency and streamlining operations for better results. Here’s how.

Get notified for entry and exit

Geofencing takes your fleet tracking capabilities one step further by notifying you once a vehicle, asset or driver enters a particular zone. This is an easy way of tracking when your vehicle has entered the destined location and the time of work completion.

Additionally, geofences are an impregnable security parameter. From monitoring the arrival and departure of workers within a sensitive work site to restricting vehicle entry into barred or off-limit routes, geofences help in ensuring compliance and safety of the workers.

Accurate work time logging

It can be quite challenging to record the actual time spent by a worker at the customer location or a work site. Geozones solve this hurdle with its accurate tracking and time recording.

With location-specific geozones, you can know the exact time a worker or vehicle has spent on-site. This helps in accurate clocking a worker’s production hours and deciding their payroll – especially if your business employs hourly labors. Moreover, you automatically have a digital record of the vehicle and driver activities without any additional effort.

Better equipment security

Every single asset of your business is an investment and protecting it should be every fleet manager’s primary responsibility. Geofencing lets you keep track of your asset and vehicle usage. With real-time alerts, you can always locate your equipment, recover stolen assets and know when a particular asset is in use.

Enhance your workflow
When you have second-by-second updates on the entry and exit of your vehicles within a particular location, you are in a better position to align your subsequent work processes. For example, once you know that the vehicle has entered the depot, you can prepare the unloading of goods. This considerably minimizes the transit time and accelerates processes for better efficiency.

Leverage geofencing within your operations to improve your fleet efficiency, implement a reliable safety protocol and stay updated on everything associated with your vehicles, assets, and workforce.