2018 Flashback and what’s in store for 2019

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Karthipriya S

Back in 2018, we took our first steps into the world of fleet management and gradually, we have touched many businesses with our solution. With the aim of uncovering the true potential of everything from the fleet, drivers to the workforce, we built our fleet intelligence platform.

The year has been a journey of tremendous learning and continuous growth. And as 2019 ushers in our commitment to provide new features that would continue to help businesses streamline, strengthen and automate their operations, we take a look back at the year that has been for both our customers and MoveX.

Success Highlights

MoveX is designed to deliver results for every business, big and small – from logistics, food and beverage, industrial to the education sector. Our customers brought in their own processes and challenges which MoveX addressed with its innovative platform.

One of our major focus is to ensure safety for the drivers, vehicles and the people on the road. Drivers and fleet inspectors have successfully conducted 250,000 daily vehicle inspections that have significantly reduced unnecessary vehicle breakdown and the costly repercussions that occur due to process delays.

Cost-saving is the driving factor for every business growth and we leverage intelligent analytics to achieve just that. With over 1,000,000 fuel entries, our customers were easily able to prevent fuel pilferage and analyze vehicle costs.

In fact, by monitoring aggressive driving behavior, such as speeding, harsh acceleration and harsh braking, our customers saw a 30% reduction in fuel costs. Additionally, by following a standardized driving protocol, there was a 20% decrease in vehicle wear and tear which subsequently resulted in fewer repairs and lesser costs.

Release Highlights

2018 saw us improving our initial platform with a range of new features. Here’s a quick glance at some of the major updates:

1. We expanded our fleet tracking platform to cover an end-to-end maintenance module that helped everything from planning maintenance schedules, conducting vehicle issues to resolving repairs through work orders.

2. The 2.0 release saw a bunch of new inclusions which included:
i) The fuel logs feature where fleet managers could review the fillups and the subsequent costs for each vehicle.
ii) Mobile-based fuel entry feature for drivers to record fuel fill-ups during trips or otherwise.
iii) Custom role for businesses to manage their diverse workforce, right from fleet managers, service engineers, fleet inspectors and so on.
iv) Recurring inspection creation for simplifying vehicle inspections.

3. The interactive route replay feature was one inclusion we were thrilled about! The option let fleet managers witness a complete recap of how a particular trip was completed, including all the harsh events triggered and the route undertaken by the driver.

Sneak peek into 2019

This year, we’ve got a line of new features in store. Here’s a sneak peek:

1. We will focus on automating the accounting process with ERP integration which will make it easier to keep track of employee wages, revenue and more.
2. To help fleet managers find everything within seconds, we will implement a global search. From reports to entries, businesses will be able to keep all the information at their fingertips.
3. Also, we will be introducing our online help manual soon!

All things said, your constant support has been the force that has driven us towards success. We’ve got a lot more exciting stuff in store for 2019. So keep watching this space!